Pro Talk


At Kryolan we have always strived to not only be inclusive of all make-up professionals and make-up users, but to actually provide what is needed. There has been little question if our brand caters for all, it is what we’re known for. As the world’s perception of beauty becomes more diverse all the time, how do we ensure that we keep our finger on the pulse?
Our brand was born through open communication and direct contact to our customers and the industry. The key has always been to listen first! Our driving passion is to provide the make-up community with what they actually ask for, and a whole lot more! The first initial products created by Kryolan were soap and toothpaste, this was at a time when these essential items were hard to obtain in a post war, decimated Berlin. The need was identified, and the solution was provided. The very building blocks of our brand were laid with the soul intention of serving the people. This has since always been our aim. The driving force behind our developments spans not only across professional disciplines like Fashion, Theater, TV and Film, Face and Bodypainting, Special Effects and Beauty, but also across gender, race, age, culture and creed. It is in fact the diversity of our range that is our unique identity and core of who we are and what we stand for. It is for that reason our color ranges in some foundations and concealers exceeds over 350 skin tones. We produce products for all skin types, in a range of preferred finishes and coverage, giving everyone the choice. At the heart of our successes is our expansive Global Kryolan Family, which we embrace and hold dear both in business and friendship, it is the multiplicity of our unique network that provides us with the knowledge and understanding required to serve every individual without exclusion.

We are proud to serve the make-up needs of people in over 90 countries across 5 continents. Just within our Kryolan family we celebrate the beliefs of all religions and welcome all others with open arms.

This month we celebrate diversity and joy through our festival inspired looks. Our IGTV tutorials and feed will showcase make-ups inspired by the colorful representations of Pride and every individual that finds value in the message that the events stand for.
Make-up has always been used as a powerful tool to not only beautify, but to protest, whether it be a message or statement scribbled in lipstick across the face or a drag queen in all her glory making her way through the march. It is our experience that we have found the creative make-up industry to be open to all, the diversity of our customers, teams and other creatives that we work alongside show that it is an industry in which identity and individuality is actively encouraged. It seems to be a safe space for freedom of expression and mutual respect, after all the color of a person’s skin, sexual preference, age, gender, religion or even style has no detrimental effect on their talent or artistry. In fact, we would argue that all these aspects of one’s self play important roles that define individual artistic style and inspiration even. A shared love of art, aesthetic and creativity bind us all together in this wonderful world of make-up. And as far as any artist is concerned, the more colors, shapes, sizes and varieties of canvas’s the better! Make-up is inclusive in its very nature, for those who love to work with it and those that love to wear it, it is a one size fits all kind of theory. So, what can you do personally to ensure you’re exercising diversity and being inclusive of all within your works? First and foremost, celebrate beauty in all its exquisite, wonderfully weird forms. Take a look at your portfolios and social media accounts, is there an image or style that everyone could find represents them, something they could connect with? Do you work with a range of ages, skin tones, genders, body sizes? Don’t limit yourself or your artistic expression by allowing yourself one type of canvas, use all the colors you have in your kit, research other cultural styles other than your own, educate yourself on the history of make-up and what it represents in other parts of the world. Ask questions, join discussion, challenge yourself, there is only one outcome that will result from this. Growth.

Our Kryolan Artist from all over the world in action: