How to

Festive Beauty Look 1

Step 1On cleansed skin a light layer of Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream is applied all over to hydrate and prep for the application of make-up. To prime, HD Micro Primer is applied through the T-zone to smooth and control shine before the application of foundation. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g (D FD) and Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g (D 13) are then mixed together and applied firstly to the center of the face and then blended out. The coverage is then built up to perfect and even the skin tone where needed. A small amount of Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g (D 13) in then mixed into the foundation tone and applied under the eyes to brighten and highlight.
Step 2Blush, highlight and contour is the next step. Glamour Glow (juicy moon) is applied to the tops of the cheekbones and blended back towards the hairline. This creates a soft highlighted flush to the cheeks and a lifted yet sculpted appearance to the face. Glamour Glow (sun kissed) is then applied above the blush tone to highlight and add a soft luminosity to the skin. This is also added down the bridge of the nose and above the eyebrow to create a soft glow all over. Contour then creates a soft definition. For this Dual Finish (caramel) is buffed below the cheekbones and down the sides of the nose. This not only adds a defined look but also adds warmth to the skin.
Step 3Once the skin has been perfected, definition is then added to the eyes. For this HD Cream Liner (bronze) is applied all over the mobile lid and blended up to the eyebrow. This acts as a long-lasting base that will intensify the eye shadows used on top. Before the HD Cream Liner has dried, HD Living Color (silk gold) is then mixed with HD Living Color (amber) to create a warm golden tone suitable to both highlight and use as a base color. Definition is then added to the eye using Eye Shadow Matt (petrol). This deep petrol tone is concentrated into the natural socket of the eye and softly blended out towards the temple. This is built up in color until the desired intensity is achieved. This color is softly blended just above the natural socket, so the color is visible when the eyes are both open and closed.
Step 4HD Cream Liner (ebony) is then applied into the waterline and along under the lower lash line. This is then softly blended to diffuse and smoke the outer edge of the application. Eye Shadow Matt (deep black) is then blended on top of the HD Cream Liner to create a dark smoked effect. HD Cream Liner (ebony), is also used to apply a graphic, thin line along the top lash line. This adds definition to the eye and also works as a base for the false eyelashes to sit on, helping them blend in with the natural lashes and soften the impression of the lash band. TV4 are then applied to the top lash line. Once the adhesive has dried a coat of Dermacolor Light Mascara is applied to both the natural and false eyelashes to help blend the two together. This is also applied to the lower lashes to intensify and strengthen the lower lash line.
Step 5Finally, the eyebrows are softly defined. For this Eyebrow Forming Gel is brushed through the hairs to groom the eyebrows into place. Eyebrow Powder (medium) is then lightly applied and brushed through using a small angled brush to create natural ‘hair like’ strokes. This is built up until the desired fullness and definition is achieved. Faceliner (24) is then applied to the lip to both line and fill in. Lipstick Fashion (LF 406) and Lipstick Fashion (LF 403) are then mixed together and applied on top of the Faceliner (24) to create a custom nude shade to complement the make-up look.

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