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Beauty Glam - Look 5

A vision of strength with an alluring softness. The eyes are daring while exquisitely captivating. The depth of dark pigments framing the eyes adds intensity while the warmth of the surrounding shades provides a delicate hallow, softening the impression. Intensive, iridescent highlight in the inner corner opens the eyes and provides added drama to the look. The skin is gloriously radiant with a healthy glow, the cheeks are rouged with correlating tones found in both the eyes and lips which harmoniously unify the look. The lips are defined, yet subtly flushed with a satin finish that enhances the power of the eyes.
Step 1Shimmering Event Foundation (amber) is buffed into the high points of the face. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g with Make-up Blend 30 ml conceals and perfects the skin tone before Ultra Foundation 15 g is applied as base. Brush-on Concealer in respective shades are applied as highlight and contour before the face is set with Dual Finish. Eye Shadow Matt (oak) and Eye Shadow Matt (congo) are blended under the cheekbone for additional contour before Glamour Glow (bronzing sun) is buffed into the top of the cheekbones.
Step 2HD Cream Liner (cacao) is applied over the mobile lid and blended out in an almond shape. Eye Shadow Matt (maroon) and Eye Shadow Matt (red brown) are buffed across the eye lid and underneath the bottom lash line. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is concentrated close to the top and bottom lash line then smoked out by blending Eye Shadow Matt (deep black) over the top. Holographic Pigments (rainbow) is placed into the inner corners of the eye. The brows are defined with Eyebrow Powder before Dermacolor Light Mascara coats the lashes.
Step 3Eyebrow Forming Gel is brushed through the brow hairs to bring a natural finish while holding the brows in place. Next, the tip of Faceliner (24) is dipped into Make-up Blend 30 ml before using the pencil to define the lip line. The Faceliner is then drawn over the entire lip as a base. Lip Stain (blues) is then carefully pressed into the lips in fine layers to build up a full coverage finish.
Finally, Holographic Pigments (kaleidoscope) are buffed into the apples of the cheek intensifying the warmth and glow.

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