Fundamentals Of Airbrushing - Online Live Workshop


Airbrushing has quickly become one of the most sought-after skills in the make-up industry. Those who can add airbrushing to their menu of services have a clear advantage over the competition.

What makes airbrushing superior to traditional make-up application techniques, and why is Kryolan the preferred brand in airbrush products?

Flawless Finish.
Kryolan's advanced airbrush formulation, "Nebula", contains micronized pigments for extraordinarily natural looking coverage, while "Nebula" airbrush gun technology allows for a touchless, texture-free application.

Airbrushing is quick and efficient, cutting make-up application time in half. The "Nebula" formulation is vibrant and highly concentrated, allowing the artist to use less make-up to get the job done.

"Nebula" is smudge and water resistant and is designed to last for an entire day of wear with no touch-ups required.
Comfort. "Nebula" is lightweight and comfortable. Your client will feel as though they're not wearing anything at all.

Foundation, contouring, blush, eyeshadow, and even special effects--airbrushing gives artists endless possibilities of make-up application.

Completely contact free, airbrushing is, hands down, the most sanitary means of applying make-up.

What will I learn in this class?

A thorough understanding of airbrush equipment, its care and functionality is essential when starting out as an airbrush artist. This intensive 3-hour online class will equip you with vital airbrush knowledge to begin your journey. You will learn:

-The differences between types of airbrush guns and compressors.
-The differences between types of airbrush make-up.
-The advantages of using airbrush makeup over traditional make-up.
-The mechanisms of your Nebula airbrush system.
-How to disassemble and reassemble your Nebula airbrush gun.
-How to properly connect and load make-up into your Nebula airbrush gun.
-How to properly handle and use your Nebula airbrush gun utilizing special training exercises.*
-How to custom mix colors.
-How to thoroughly clean and care for your Nebula airbrush system.

*Please note: while this is a hands-on class, the exercises are beginning level conducted on paper only. These exercises are essential to master before applying make-up directly to the skin. Make-up application techniques such as foundation application, contouring and eyeshadow are not a part of the curriculum.

What's included in the kit?

Your kit includes:
-Nebula Airbrush System (consisting of the Nebula airbrush gun, portable compressor, hose, battery pack, AC adapter and carrying case)
-Nebula Airbrush Cleaner
-Two Nebula Airbrush Vivid colors (colors are chosen are based on availability)
-Airbrush Cleansing Pot
-Shipping and Tax are included in registration price.
-The value of the kit is $352.
-Participants will also receive a 20% off Airbrush products when shopping at or at Kryolan City San Francisco and Kryolan City New York.

12pm-3pm ET; 11am-2pm CT; 10am-1pm MT; 9am-12pm PT

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