Pop of Soda

In the light of what is coined as the ‘new normal’ our lives have taken many twists and turns, and as a result we see new trends evolving and emerging. The ever-present digital age has now become a large part of our social events and personal engagements, the lines between what is ‘reality’ and what is digital have been blurred in a way we haven’t experienced before.
As we embrace the changes we have all needed to adapt to, our acceptance of this new age digital interaction has become a norm in today’s society. Through this online essential interaction, we are influenced more and more by digital representations, inspirations are sparked through visual concepts we scroll past or imagery we can’t help but to double tap. Due to this huge spike in screen time during our daily lives it’s unsurprising that our styles begin to be fabricated by it. Trends and fashion have always been shaped by current affairs and global events, so we all understand that the past few months will in turn impact our look. With face coverings becoming part of our everyday wardrobe it took no time at all to see bespoke and personalized masks surface, almost considered as new accessory that needs to be considered. So how does that filter through to make-up?
With many of us having to cover half our faces while out in public, we are left with one way to make our statement, our eyes! An emerging experimental attitude is being adopted, and many are using this new normal to reinvent themselves, while the everyday has become more extreme as will our tastes. The need for expressive cosmetics is on the rise. Futuristic and almost otherworldly designs will be the shift within the beauty world, colors and textures will be selected not only for how they appear to the eye, but the impression they give on digital screens. Bigger, brighter, bolder are key words which describe the movement towards the new digital age. I’m sure we have all experienced how make-up can visually change from in your mirror to that Instagram post, colors can appear softer and what seems strong in person, is somehow subdued on screen.
So, to stand out we need to step up, in every sense. Monochromatic color choices, in varying textures, are the perfect choice when it comes to representing that new digital concept, teaming multiple hues within the same tint and tone scales have instant impact and replenish our desires for individuality and a sense of self. As we prepare to say goodbye to summer these coming trends are going to see us all renovating our look. The time has come for us all to take a step into the future of color cosmetics and find our place within it. A ‘new normal, new me’ mantra will be adopted for these dynamic times and we’ve got you every step of the way.