Pro Tips

Must-haves for a festive Christmas look –
our make-up artists' recommendations

Do you already know what make-up you're going to wear on Christmas Eve? If you still haven't decided yet, our make-up artists can help you out by letting you know their favorites. Here are the must-have products from our professionals around the world:

Steffi, Make-up Artist Kryolan Germany:
"I wouldn't commit to a particular product, but I would go for anything that glitters and gives a glow. I can recommend Glamour Glow, the Holographic Pigments, or Satin Powder 40 g. The last two items give an everyday look that certain something and can spice it up."

Sanah, Make-up Artist Kryolan France:
"For me, the absolute favorite this year: Lip Stain. Since the beginning of 2020, we've been wearing masks most of the time, so it's fun to highlight the lips again. Lip Stain is a great product that I recommend to many customers because it has a matte finish and does not rub off. So, it doesn't stick to the mask either."

Cuan, Head of Make-up Kryolan South Africa:
"I would consider Pure Pigments Metallic (pure gold) and Pure Pigments Metallic (pure orange) as must-haves. Depending on which brush you use, you can use the products as eyeshadows or add small accents around the eyes. The gold color in particular always gives me Christmas vibes!"

Leanne, Pro Team Kryolan UK:
"I'm a big fan of the Clean & Care series. After all, good skin is the best base for make-up. Especially during the cold winter (here in Europe), heating air and harsh temperatures outside can often have a terrible effect on the skin. In addition, the range is vegan and contains plant extracts."