Fortune Seekers

This year we’ve experienced an unprecedented reality, something that has left many of us a little shell-shocked. The experience for some has found them delving deeper into themselves to explore the inner self. When the world slowed down it allowed us time to think, to ponder life and the future, to wonder, to challenge thought and motives, to ask ourselves the question, “What’s next for me?”
In such unpredictable times it’s impossible to plan too far ahead right now, but what if someone could give you all the answers, would you want to know? Our curiosity is what drives us to evolve, to learn and to grow, so it’s not surprising that this Halloween we’re delving into the mystical world of esoteric visions.

When things are a little unclear and we feel somewhat lost, we turn to alternative guides, a flickering light in the dark to help see us through. Myths and legends tell of gifted individuals who can see the future, know your destiny, and it’s this trail of thought that has taken us down the path for this year’s Halloween inspirations.

Tarot is the art of telling things about one’s past, present or future, all based around questions we ask ourselves. Exploring this cosmic ceremony has led us to multiple pool of abundant sources of artistic inspiration.

Adopting classic tarot symbolism, including the moon and the sun, eyes and mystical creatures. The seasonal trends are seeing us take inspirations from the zodiac and astrological concepts of predicting the future. Whether it be the turning of a card or the patterns we pick out in the night skies, we have been mesmerized by the extraordinary visions of fortune telling for thousands of years. And what better time to explore this fascinating dimension than all hallows eve!

If you see these intriguing practises as the dark and mysterious or, quite the opposite, stepping into the light and becoming awakened, we think this is the perfect direction for our Halloween inspirations for 2020. Let’s face it, this year has got us all asking, ‘whatever next?!’

With stunning visual representations within the world of fate and fantasy you don’t have to be able to read the cards to be inspired by them. Rich with saturated color and dusty earthy hues, there is so much inspiration to be found within the fables of the gifted. Adapting to minimalist iterations, linear and geometric graphics, traditional illustrations of nocturnal animals from the underworld, bats, moths, cats and spiders, lend themselves perfectly to this trend.

Creatures and symbolic representations are key to this year’s seasonal make-up trends. All depicted within a color palette of natural earth inspired tones representative of both life and death, past and present. This combination of hues, shades and tints lend themselves perfectly to creative make-up designs.