Expressive and Colorful Eye Shadow Looks –
The Trend Look '21

This year's trend look is all about eye make-up. In the following blog articles, we are going to introduce some very colorful, funky, and playful graphic eyeliner looks to you, which are everything but stereotypical.
Now we are focusing on eye shadow in the tones blue and grey. Our make-up artists created these looks to make your eyes pop out, giving you a high-end expression, which is breaking down stereotypes and will deliberately distort the shape of your face. Intense color pigments have a huge impact, as well as bold eye make-ups instead of classical looks.

Every look has a story to tell. This year's trend look is not only about colors, textures, and make-up techniques but about fun, sun, tips, and tricks to all things related to life, beauty, and health. We want you to dive into the world of the make-up looks we created and get a summer feeling just by watching our stories. If you're going to stay tuned and join our journey through summer, don't forget to follow us on Instagram @kryolanofficial.

How to: Bold Eye Shadow Looks Part 1: Blue/Grey

Tutorial: Orange and Blue Eye Shadow Look

Apply the base color HD Cream Liner (aqua) over the eyelid blending up towards the crease of the eye. Extend the color to the inner and outer corners of the eye to achieve fine points on either side. From the outer point, continue the color underneath the eye along the lower lash line. Add depth and definition in the crease and lower lash line with Eye Shadow Matt (night blue).

To create the detail on the eyelid, use the Professional Round Brush 0 and apply the shapes of color with Cream Color Circle Interferenz (Sense) Divine G . Line the waterline with HD Cream Liner (fruity orange). Finish the eye look with a coating of Lash Innovation Mascara (black) to the top and bottom lashes.

Tutorial: Disco Make-up Look

Start with blending a little Supracolor 8 ml (517) for a smokey eye effect with the concentration of color on the outer edge of the eye. The application should be a light wash and will help to intensify the eye shadow colors. Also, apply a soft line of Supracolor 8 ml (517) above the crease line in the inner corner. Apply Eye Shadow Matt (moondust) to the outer crease of the eye and smoke this shade along the lower lash line too. Softly blend the edges of the Moondust color with Eye Shadow Matt (titan). Apply Titan to set the graphic line that was applied with the Supracolor 8 ml (517). Gently sweep Eye Shadow Matt (AB 69) to blend all colors and add an accent of this color on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Take a small amount of the Eye Shadow Primer to the center of the eye traveling right up to the brow bone. This will be your base to adhere to the Pure Pigments Metallic. Press in Pure Pigments Metallic (pure silver) to create a strong metallic accent through the design. Line the waterline with HD Cream Liner (snow) and complete the eye look with a coating of Lash Innovation Mascara (black) to the top and bottom lashes.

Tutorial: Delicate Contour Look

Apply HD Cream Liner (snow) onto the mobile lid up to brow bone allow drying. This is to help build a strong, vivid application of eye shadow. Start with Eye Shadow Variety 18 Colors (V 2) Turquoise as a transition shade starting from the natural socket sweeping out to achieve a soft blended wing finish. To add depth press into the socket line H21, in a concentrated application. This will ensure stronger contrast in comparison to the transition color of Turquoise. Apply Eye Shadow Matt (petrol) into the inner corner of the eye and under-eye sweeping out to meet the transition shade Turquoise to strengthen the shape of the defused wing. To sharpen the lower line of petrol, use an angled latex wedge to clean up and sharpen.

Mix Eye Shadow Primer with Pure Pigments Metallic (pure blue) to create a cream base to allow pigments to be built. Apply the mix onto the center of the lid to act as a hot spot, apply to lose Pure Pigment Metallic Pure Blue on top for add shimmer finish with Glamour Sparks (blue) for added sparkle. Also, press a small amount of Glamour Sparks Blue into the inner corner of the eye.

Using Eye Liner (blue), apply a fine curved line into the inner corner following the natural shape and contour of the eye using the tip of the brush for a tighter, finer line. Starting at the end of the lash line, create a sharp winged liner using the Eye Liner Blue. Draw on your lines to create the outline of your wing. Then, using an angled brush, fill in the wing for a block color finish keeping the wing tight to be framed by the blend of eye shadows—finish eye design with Faceliner (10) and Lash Innovation Mascara (black).