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Conscious Christmas:
How to celebrate with your environment in mind

It's hard to imagine our everyday lives these days without thinking about sustainability as well. It has spread to almost all areas and made us rethink our previous lifestyle. Now Christmas is just around the corner, and this year's festivities must be, of course, contemplative, relaxing, and full of Christmas decorations, food, and much more.
Still, it should be sustainable as well. We have some ideas for you so that this year will be an especially conscious Christmas for you – including a little introduction to our new #True Nature Glitter.

Natural Christmas decoration

We're sure you have a box full of Christmas decorations from previous years at home. That's great to have because sustainability starts small. After all, making a switch doesn't always mean acquiring lots of new, sustainably produced things. Giving old things a new life or using things from your own garden as decorative elements often does it too. During the fall season, pinecones are easy to find. You can dry them in the oven at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit for around 45 minutes and then use them as decorative pieces at Christmas. Chestnuts, twigs, and branches also make beautiful decorative elements and are easy to find in nature in mild and cold climates. When it comes to this year's Christmas tree: Do your research about its roots – literally. The more regional, the better. Some sellers also allow you to bring back your old tree for planting them again.

Sustainable Christmas gifts: gi(ft)ve love

You don't always have to buy something expensive if you want to gift someone. For example, how about spicing up old things in a new way? Or to gift something homemade? Sometimes a bouquet of flowers from your garden or something you sewed yourself will also do it. It's all about the gesture and intention. Be creative! Refills, for example, are a great idea for make-up lovers. For the Kryolan products Eyebrow Powder, Glamour Glow, Eye Shadow Matt, and many more, you can buy them in personalized palettes and refill on the go and thus save on packaging waste.

Sustainable make-up: Our new True Nature Glitter

When it comes to make-up and sustainability, refills aren't the only great idea. If sustainability is important to you, you can research about production conditions and biodegradability of your favorite products. Often you will come across materials that are difficult or impossible to degrade naturally. Especially when it comes to glitter - popular at Christmas and New Year's Eve - this is usually a big problem. So, if you don't want to miss out on glitter AND sustainability this year, feel free to give True Nature Glitter a try. All shades are at least 97% biodegradable and come from natural resources.

Vacation in the region

Vacations don't always have to mean long-distance travel. Especially in times of pandemics, Christmas vacations in your region can offer a nice change of pace and lots of new things to discover in the area. Maybe there is a nearby park you have never discovered? A hiking trail or a new restaurant just one street further? It's best to go to your local tourist information office and get detailed advice or check out at a local online portal.

Sustainable food on Christmas Eve

Regional, seasonal, and - if possible - organic. If you follow these three mantras, you're already on a good way when it comes to sustainability in terms of food. The shorter the transport routes, the fresher the product will be when it reaches you. Seasonal is especially important for fruits and vegetables. And organic? No genetic engineering, a better life for animals, goes easy on resources. Anything else?