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Christmas present ideas
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our Kryolan Gift Guide

We asked. Our make-up artists from all five continents answered. Now the time has finally come, and we present to you our first make-up artist picked Kryolan Gift Guide. We have selected the right products for different age groups, people, and budgets. Feel free to choose your favorite and combine it with other products or things you like.

Make-up Christmas gifts for him

Whether it's your father, brother, husband/boyfriend, or dearest colleague: many make-up products only have a subtle effect in everyday life. They can therefore also be confidently worn by men. Do you already know, for example, that your best friend likes to wear colorful eyeshadow, then you can, of course, gift something more daring.

Here are some make-up product recommendations for men:

1. Eyebrow Forming Gel (clear): keeps stubborn brows in place. The gel is also completely transparent and, therefore, not visible in everyday life.

2. Dermacolor Concealer: our Dermacolor range impresses with super coverage and a wide variety of shades. The concealer covers dark shadows under the eyes and thus provides a younger look.

3. Tweezer angled: great for keeping hair in place.

4. Perfect Matt: Suitable as a primer and as a standalone product to mattify and nourish the skin. The product also contains a built-in vitamin complex.

Make-up Christmas gifts for her

In our gift guide, we've gathered various Christmas gift tips for both men and women. When gifting make-up presents – especially for women – you often need to think twice, because depending on the age group and habits or already existing favorite products, you have to find out what really fits.

Here is a small selection of our recommendations:

1. Lip Rouge Set 5 Colors: a perfect gift for your mother because each palette has at least one color that really fits every type. In addition, the individual shades can be mixed together, and therefore individual tones can be created.

2. Supreme Volume Mascara: creates a stunning eye look. Great for a night at the club or for a first date. An absolute recommendation as a gift for your sister.

3. Faceliner: a faceliner can be used to fill in lip contours and eyebrows. It is also suitable for the natural accentuation of the eyes. Among other things, a top product for your grandmother.

4. Lip Stain: the must-have for anyone who likes a mix of gloss and long-lasting lipstick. An excellent gift for your best friend and one of our bestsellers.

Gift ideas for a specific budget

You only have a specific budget and want to give only that point and no further? We have compiled product recommendations for you up to a certain amount.

Wasn't that enough? Then click here for the complete Kryolan Gift Guide.

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