Bold Metallics

This season we are inspired by a crossover of reality and virtual reality. Classic looks are amplified through color, dimensions and texture.

A contrasting and dramatic palette of colors, define exaggerated designs and shapes, with a futuristic feel. Pure Pigments Metallic reflect the aforementioned mood perfectly. The foil finish and illuminating qualities represent the magnified features in the current trends, while other integral elements merge from cool and dark twilight shades to hyper-saturated colors. This season it is time to explore alternative realities.

Mixing Medium

Enabling another level to the mesmerizing Pure Pigments Metallic is Mixing Medium. This water-based fluid transforms the dazzling powders into a liquid metal. A process that evokes a tranquil psyche. As the powders melt into the fluid the rich vibrancy becomes instantly reflective with intoxicating satisfaction. This effective product not only allows us to realize the key trend elements, with its illuminating attributes but in addition creates a seal over the stunning pigments making them durable and easy to apply.