Beach Break

The forecast for the fashion Spring Summer 2020 make-up trends direction is inspired by the 1980’s surf culture. A palette of summery, soft colors reminiscent of sun-faded beach scenes. Playful, experimental and even haphazard at times, this vision is a nostalgic journey back through simpler times and encourages us to have fun with a sense of effortless femininity and an ultra-modern edge.
Experimentation is key!
Especially with graphic and random color applications. The face is naturally fresh without contour, a sun-kissed vibe welcomes colors resembling deep salmon, which add flashes of color to the apples of the cheek with a matt finish. This energetic movement suggests bright and light shades for the eyes. Sun bleached pastels like bright limes, lemon and pastel mints lend themselves to spirited, ombré applications with shimmering pastel tones. Pink remains important for lips but with an evocative youthful freedom. Sweet pinks that are sun faded with cool purple accents add playful hints of mottled color underneath a gloss finish. To fully express the predicted key points to this trend the lips should almost appear smudged and well worn.


Watery applications of bright and light colors bring a youthful aura to the eye make-up this season. With sun-faded yellows and greens in the form of lime, lemon and pastel mint. Playful ombrés are encouraged with an accent of shimmering pastels in complementary color palettes. A sense of freedom and fun, haphazard placement and nostalgic beach vibes are key. Energetic with a finish of a soft dew, this direction reminds us of the need for unplugged experiences and that we’re free to experiment and explore our
own individual style.


Fresh cheeks on naturally naked skin is significant in embracing the beach culture of the 80’s surf scene. Contour is out and color is back with a purpose. Bountifully applied pigment in deep salmon tones or super charged coral hues, focuses primarily on the apple of the cheeks and are swept back with a brush along the cheekbone in a blend reminiscent of sunset over the ocean. The key to delivering this warm flush of rouge is matt powders, liberally applied in a relaxed fashion, creating a sun-kissed complexion celebrating the joyous haze of summer days and paying homage to a culture that represented free spirited style.


Pink continues to reign when it comes to lips this season and gloss has now firmly rooted itself back in the forefront as the matt lip trend is left in the last decade. Rich berry hues are important with that sun-bleached vibe and this season it is in the form of sweet, yet powerful, rose color with an exuberant pink undertone. A heavy hand is key to applying color on the lips, with a focal pigment that is dispersed and mottled through a generous measure of wet look gloss. The finish should appear well worn almost as if the application has been partly licked off. This nostalgic and playful treatment illustrates perfectly the haphazard and random mood of the seasons ambition.